Since 1977 introducing PVC masterbatch for the first time in Korea, HYUPSEON Corporation has
           been a leading supplier in the pigment dispersion industry. On the base of successful launch in the
           PVC masterbatch industry, we also started to supply the basic products related to PVC industry,
           e.g. PVC stabiliser, PVC ink, etc.
           In 1982, nitrocellulose resin based color chip (HSN series) for lacquer industry was developed, and
           this series have grown from strength to strength with a dominant market share in Korea covering
           full color range for paint/ink industry.
           SwanCel series for audio/video tape were developed in 1987, and we have supplied to
           SKM, SKC and LG electronics as a sole vender in Korea. And now we are about to expand
           its usage from audio/video tape application to urethane formulation based special ink area.

           We supply more than 120 types and grades of color chips and various basic materials spanning a
           wide range of applications. Added to the standard product index, we also supply products tailored
           to the customers' specification to enable their color dispersion easy and excellent.

           Based on the highly accumulated dispersion technology and 27 years of experience, we will serve
           our customers with exact solutions and lead our quality to best ever.